Tease Review

tease amanda maciel

Title: Tease

Author: Amanda Maciel

Genre: YA, Drama

AUS Publication Date: 1st May 2014 (published by Hachette)

Pages: 368

Reminds me of: Anything by Sarah Dessen, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars

I absolutely adored this book. Tease has a unique plot line taking a spin on the cliché. Told from the perspective of the “bully” the audience is forced to acknowledge there are two sides to every story. The story begins with Sara, the protagonist, being questioned by her lawyer regarding the death of Emma Putman. Sara, alongside her friends, are being charged with assault that lead to Emma Putman’s death – or rather suicide. From the beginning we feel obliged to sympathise for the dead girl but Sara makes it so difficult to feel anything but hate for the weak, wreck of a victim. In Sara’s eye’s Emma is nothing more than a “boyfriend-stealing bitch”. At times I found myself deeply despising Emma as Sara’s feelings were so vivid and powerful, but at other times I winced at Sara’s mentality. Continue reading