NaNoWriMo is coming up…..

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us, the countdown is on! Frankly I have very little faith in myself, but I’m planning to begin my attempt with a short story I wrote for class. So that’s something! I’ve been following the tags on Tumblr and oh my god some people are legends. The caliber of planning, the calenders… it’s all true dedication.


It’s a draft! The whole idea is just to churn the words out. Writing 50,000 words is an accomplishment irrespective of the quality. I’ve figured if I can at least get the words out the potentials are limitless from there. You have a tangible something to focus on once the words are out. Even if it’s all jumble and incoherent, it’s something for you and for your eyes, for your journey as a writer.

I have no idea how I’m even going to cope. 1667 words isn’t that big a quota to fill each day but my consistency with anything is a bit flaky.  In saying that, I’m sure there will be plenty of this….


But if I actually make it, I’m hoping it’ll end like this…


Who else has plans to give it a go? Or have you given it a go before? Do you advice for other budding writers out there? I’d love to hear from you 🙂


2014 Australian Women’s Writing Challenge

As aforementioned about a billion times I’m a proud Aussie. And also female. And a passionate feminist. When I came across the Australian Women’s Writing Challenge (AWWC) I got all sorts of excited as I found a way I can actively support Aussie women authors aside from buying their books. Any publicity is good publicity they say, but my blog is dedicated to supporting authors not cutting them down. So of course I’m proud to say I signed up to the challenge. I promised to read 6 books written by Australia authors and review at least 4.

“The 2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge was set up to help overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women. The challenge encourages avid readers and book bloggers, male and female.”

– AWWC website

The challenge will run from Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2014 and you can sign up however late into the year as you please. The challenge welcomes everyone from every corner of the globe to give it a go – you don’t need to be Aussie to indulge yourself in the challenge.  Continue reading

Happy read an eBook day!

Because yes that’s a thing!!

Read an eBook Day is a celebration of modern storytelling. Every reader has a book they love, has a favorite reading spot, has been moved by powerful  prose. All of these make up who we are as readers and even shape who we are as people. It’s a great thing to put some time aside in your day to curl up to an awesome book. With the never slowing pace of technology it’s comforting to know the Tech God’s didn’t forget us book lovers. Continue reading

SO I bought a Kindle…

And it shouldn’t be that big of a deal because e-readers are doing pretty great in the market. They’re a popular device and it’s becoming a more contagious way to read. There’s always been a book in my bag for as long as I can remember, but my GOD a Kindle is so much lighter! It’s probably my favourite thing about it! I mean the touch screen is great, as is the adjustable lighting… but my bag has enough junk stashed in there without a book.

So why do I feel so guilty for succumbing?

When e-readers first came out I swore against them. Nup. No way. You can’t compare them to a tangible book. The feel of the paper between your fingers and that bookish smell can’t ever be replaced by a digital version. And shame on you if you buy one, you’ll send the book publishers out of business.

But then I had to buy a second bookshelf. And then that bookshelf suddenly got filled up. I needed help.

So here I am in a moral conundrum as the proud owner of a device that’s supposedly going to ravage the book market.

photo 3

Isn’t it pretty!

 eBooks are roughly 30% cheaper than the RRP of the paperback of a book Continue reading

Well hey there!

Before I open the floodgates of my many opinions on the written word, let me introduce myself and give you some insight on Andrea’s Bookshelf. That’s me, Andrea.

I’m a voracious reader from Sydney who one day hopes to make it the big world of books – whether it be as a writer, an editor or a publisher. I’m finishing off a writing degree as we speak so fingers crossed there! But in the mean time I want to share with you a little bit about what I know about writing and more importantly books! I’m hoping to upload book reviews and advice maybe twice a week? I’ve also got a few new releases up my sleeve, so I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you about those gems before they hit the stores. Continue reading