Well hey there!

Before I open the floodgates of my many opinions on the written word, let me introduce myself and give you some insight on Andrea’s Bookshelf. That’s me, Andrea.

I’m a voracious reader from Sydney who one day hopes to make it the big world of books – whether it be as a writer, an editor or a publisher. I’m finishing off a writing degree as we speak so fingers crossed there! But in the mean time I want to share with you a little bit about what I know about writing and more importantly books! I’m hoping to upload book reviews and advice maybe twice a week? I’ve also got a few new releases up my sleeve, so I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you about those gems before they hit the stores.

I love reading all things YA, crime, thriller, anything in the best sellers list! So long as there’s a solid plot that makes it impossible to escape the book’s world, I’m content.  But saying that, I’m very open for suggestions and willing to give any most titles a go.

Don’t be shy; I’m friendly and happy to chat and exchange ideas with the lot of you while I’m getting the hang of things here on WordPress.

Stay tuned, because the first book on the line up is Tease by Amanda Maciel. It’s fairly new so I’ll let you know whether it’s worth racing to the checkout for!


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